Love can stop your Fear…Fear can stop your Loving…

At our last Systemic Constellation workshop on 4th of November participants had an opportunity to have a direct experience of a Mind-Spirit Constellation. It was done in small groups of three; one person was a Client, another one was a representative of a Parent for the Client, and the third person was representing the Client’s World. Instruction was (to the Client and the Parent) to stay in an eye-contact, motionless, and in complete silence. The representative for the World was following free movements as directed by body sensations. It was set for 7 minutes.

Dali: Meditation for the Harp

Mind-Spirit Constellations were invented by Bert Hellinger  in last decade as a result of his new developing in Family Constellations method. The healing power of Mind-Spirit Constellation is enormous however it doesn’t look so dramatic like some traditional constellations – in contrary, it might look like very little happens; there are less representatives and often the client represents him/herself. That is because transformational movements go mainly and directly to the client’s internal dimension of Mind-Spirit.

Going back to our constellation: facing the representative for Parent (Client was instructed to choose in mind who of the parents will be represented), Client could experience a flood of feelings. Stillness, silence and eye contact served as keys to the deepest layers of Client – Parent relationship. In that connection a lot happened ; some habitual masks were dropped off to unfold a level of truth in relationship as reachable for the client in this moment. And for those Clients who were able to open up fully to this uneasy experience – some new insights emerged.

Facilitating that constellation I observed many subtle transformational movements in Clients; all flows of feelings and internal images in the field between Client and Parent were waving from two major emotional rivers – river of Fear and river of Love. And it could be surprising how much fear could be experienced in that relationship, also from Parent side.

There are only two major feelings – Love and Fear – from which stem all other feelings. Whatever happens in any personal relationship – is affected by Fear or Love directions.

Like in the title of this post (taken from a beautiful song by Morcheeba) – Love can stop your Fear…Fear can stop your Loving… It brings to my mind a lot of reflections of a wider nature – if we could make more space to Love, Fear would be simply limited to basic instinctive regulations instead of spreading to politics, religions, social encounters…Am I a dreamer? Sounds too simple? Please think again.

Hate? Stems from fear; Anger? from fear; Grumpy? from fear; Curious? from love; Motivated? from love; Authentic? from love; Secure? from love. And so on.

Going through the details of this concept of Love-Fear would exceed the blog post size but for those interested I’d recommend  – for example – Gerald Jampolsky’s books. Your comments are welcome!

If you’d like to experience how it’d be to go into a Mind-Spirit dimension, simply sit in a quiet place to be not distracted by any outside noises. Sit comfortable (with your spine gently erected but without a chair support) or stand with your feet grounded firmly and bare. Close your eyes and keep them closed all the time during your Mind-Spirit meditation. Start from feeling your body and your breathing. Notice your body sensations without judgement. Now, in your mind’s eye – see one of your parents. You might choose if the parent image would be from your childhood or from your adulthood. Simply look at your parent. Notice what feelings come and go, notice what you see in your parent, and what is coming from your parent.

Hania Gorski


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