Here is a simple introduction to SCW and my workshops.

You might like to read also this article excerpted from Bert Ulsamer’s article – with some examples of family dynamics viewed through SCW lenses.

If you like to read some more sophisticated stuff – here are few recommended books:

Love’s Hidden Symmetry;What Makes Love Work in Relationships
By Bert Hellinger, with Gunthard Weber & Hunter Beaumont
Entering Inner Images; A Creative Use of Constellations in Individual Therapy, Counselling, Groups and Self-Help
By Eva Madelung / Barbara Innecken
In My Mind’s Eye; Family Constellations in Individual Therapy and Counselling
By Ursula Franke
Images of the Soul; The Workings of the Soul in Shamanic Rituals and Family Constellations
Foreword by Bert Hellinger;By Daan van Kampenhout
Invisible Dynamics; Systemic Constellations in Organisations and in Business
By Klaus P. Horn / Regine Brick
Trauma, Bonding & Family Constellations; Understanding and Healing Injuries of the Soul
By Franz Ruppert
You’re One of Us; Systemic Insights and Solutions for Teachers, Students and Parents
By Marianne Franke-Gricksch

Useful pages:
MORPHIC RESONANCE AND MORPHIC FIELDS An Introduction by Rupert Sheldrake

Gary Stuart blog about Constellations

KNOWING FIELD – UK published but International Journal about Constellations

Chris Walsch (Melbourne) website about Constellations







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