An Expanded Consciousness Model in Psychology: Systemic Constellations

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What happens when the treatment method that works best makes no sense in traditional psychology?  That is the dilemma of Systemic Constellations.  It’s an interesting alternate treatment method based on the idea that consciousness can and should be treated at the group level.  That is to say, individuals can…

Authenticity and Systemic Constellation Work

Are you afraid of being spontaneous? Do you feel sometimes like missing your true Self in everyday routines and in your attitudes in relationships? Every time when I introduce the concept of Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) to people who don’t have any direct experience with this method – I do some kind of self-examination, asking … More Authenticity and Systemic Constellation Work

How to translate personal experiences?

How to translate personal experiences? Many philosophers and poets were following that question in history… That question also comes to my mind when I try to describe the method of the Systemic/Family Constellation – to people who never experienced it. Words are beautiful tools (could we even imagine our existence without verbal communication?) but if … More How to translate personal experiences?

Why I would recommend a constellation? A psychologist’s comment

Working with systemically originated issues by addressing their impact on an individual implicates risk of missing some hidden elements of entanglement. Photo:© Mcbenny In one-to-one counselling therapeutic setting I apply various interventions – depending on many factors appearing in a unique moment my client comes to a session. That is a phenomenological way which includes … More Why I would recommend a constellation? A psychologist’s comment