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A testimonial from a 2012 workshop participant:

Thank you for running the series; they were enjoyable, insightful and a haven away from the usual day even though they deal with such deep and current stuff. They are not a haven away from reality but a way of being present to reality. Thanks for being trustworthy people. I enjoy the insights that emerge for others and myself.

The organisational workshops are so helpful because we have to make so many decisions and trust ourselves to move on and push ourselves a bit to keep going so we can keep going. And often the deeper complex issues that bog us down feel inaccessible. The workshops are a forum for seeing and holding these things for a moment; long enough to make a difference.

The family workshops are helpful because often the issues feel so complex and impossible for us to see with our hearts as we need to, with insight and perspective, in any other way.To see others’ experience similarly complex lives helps me to feel not so strange, rather like everyone else!

 I like the constellation series blog. It is helpful to have something to read after attending the workshops because it is such a good space to go back to. It was helpful to read about the ‘world’ mind spirit constellation and to remember that space and I welcome any new writing on the subjects.

Sincerely,  Karen C.


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