Relationships Paradoxes – The Source of Love

Develop your relationships and yourself

Paradoxes of love are like roots of a tree; staying hidden, they give strength, depth and meaning. The paradox we are going to examine today is that the source of loving others is in your love to yourself. You can’t authentically love others if you don’t love yourself.

When we try to understand what is love, we are often confused; there are cultural concepts, historical ideas, philosophical statements, and a lot of media propaganda in this subject. We have different experiences of love in relationships, and different words to describe what is love.

One of confusions or paradoxes in love is this about giving and taking. All cultures emphasize giving as an act of loving kindness; taking is less in favor. Parents educate offspring “share your toy, be a good boy/girl”. Giving is presented as desired social attitude; a selfless, and sometime even a heroic deed.

There is a lot of…

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One thought on “Relationships Paradoxes – The Source of Love

  1. Hi Hania, Excellent post.

    I will be free to get out and about soon and will be driving again two weeks from this Thursday, so I look forward to seeing you. Having had to be quite self focussed during my rehab, it is now very interesting to be moving back to being outwardly focussed, and I am really enjoying reconnecting with the world.

    See you at the POOL Series W/shop on 16/3 and the next POOL meeting on 24/3, or maybe before. Sincerely, Doug


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