Known and Unknown

At the Systemic Constellation Workshop on 26th of Aug., I offered a mediation exercise about Unknown, created by Bert Hellinger. It was received by participants with a positive feedback, so I thought to publish it here for the guests of this blog.


(quoted after B.Hellinger live presentation in Kuala Lumpur 2009)

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(the best way of doing this meditative exercise is to stay in a quiet space and take few deep breaths to calm down body and to make inner space; then read chunks of text and reflect it slowly, visualising)

The Known is sourrounded by Unknown; mysteries have no end.                                               By focusing only on Known we miss the Wholeness around. We become narrow.

If we want to know something “exactly” as it is – do we know more or do we know less?

When we speak of moving with the Spirit-Mind, do we know what it is? We don’t know.        But we feel what – in us – needs to be drawn and guided by another force. The effect it has – trusting these greater forces. Step by step.                                                                                   We then meet something unexpected. Unknown. And we connect with a movement by moving forward.                                                                                                                            And we experience this as a very deep movement when we are in tune with this movement lead by greater force with Love.

This movement (of Unknown, of a greater force) has Love to everything as it is. That feeling is a deepest happiness.

At a Systemic Constellation workshop everything is unfinished; there are just movements done. Thanks of this unfinished state – further movements may happen.

Image courtesy of Ron Bird at

Hania’s comment:

Unknown is no less real than Known. Known is sourrounded by Unknown.                     Being not open to Unknown means to look away from Life, from Future; to look back.     Our desperate attempts to lock Life in Knowing are like a story about a child who loved a bird and hold it in his hands; lovingly squeezed bird died. Knowing is limiting Life, is killing Life.

Life without Unknown is dead.

Hania Gorski


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